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Automotive & Transportation Components

Automotive powder applicators are some of the largest users of coatings in general, and powder in particular. Powder coatings are used on some automotive full body base-coats and top-coats, however, much more common is the use of powder coating for primer coats, underhood and underbody applications and for trim parts. Many of these uses are high volume but also require high quality. Along with the automotive (car) manufactures, this industrial segment also includes other transportation industries such as rail, truck and aerospace.

Often the prime focus for coatings in this manufacturing segment will focus first on aesthetics, especially for highly visible parts such as trim pieces. However, automotive and transport coatings are also subjected to very difficult conditions as well, and durability of these coatings is also essential. Corrosion control and adhesion are particular problems that powder solves very well compared to liquid coatings. In the other transportation sectors, other coating requirements are specified as necessary. For example, flammability of coatings is a prime concern for coatings going into interior train compartments or jet cabin space.