Erie Powder Coatings Inc. manufactures thermoset powder coatings for the industrial decorative and functional markets including:

  • Epoxy
  • Epoxy-polyester Hybrids
  • Polyester TGIC
  • Polyester TGIC-Free
  • Acrylic hybrids
  • Urethanes

Specialty coatings offered include textures, metallics, two tones, fast curing, anti-graffiti and chemically resistant coatings.

Our company manufactures custom colour orders from 25 kg (55 lbs). Pricing is based on colour and finish. Manufacture and billing weight on all custom orders can vary from ordered weight by 10-15%.

Performance Characteristics

Epoxy Hybrid Urethane Polyester Acrylic hybrids
Weatherability Poor Poor Excellent Excellent Poor
Sprayability Good Excellent Good Excellent Good
Flexibility Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
Chemical Resistance Excellet Good Very Good Very Good Excellent
Overbake Stability Fair Very Good Excellent Excellent Excellent
Hardness Excellent Good Good Good Excellent
Corrosion Protection Excellent Very good Excellent Excellent Very Good