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  • Manufacturing powder coatings since 1994 in Niagara, Erie Powder has grown to play a major role in supplying coatings across Canada, the US, Mexico, and as far away as the Caribbean. As an approved supplier for demanding customers such as Honda, Erie has proved we have a consistent, high quality product.

At a competitive price, custom manufacturing our powders to meet your specifications is our specialty. If you need custom work, and you need it quick, give us a call.

We’ve designed our plant and service to handle batches as small as 25 kilos.
We’d be happy to manufacture 10,000 kilos for you too. Erie has committed itself to
being flexible and service oriented.

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Whatever type of powder you are after, Erie does it all.

Since 1994, Erie has set a standard for quality, customer service and quick turnaround on custom orders.

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09 Mar

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