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Electrical Cabinets

There are many coatings applications in the electrical cabinets industry. Electrical cabinets are often but not always equipment used in sheltered (non-weathering) locations, and include uses such as home and industrial fuse or breaker boxes and control cabinets for equipment.. Electrical cabinets are often found outside as well where they are used for controlling exterior pieces of equipment such as heaters and air conditioners, communication boxes and also for power transformers.

Quality of coating needed for these powder coatings vary substantially based on whether they are needed to be weatherable, or solely for interior uses. Adhesion and corrosion resistance can again be very important. There are some national standards for electrical cabinets such as UL 1332 UL STANDARD FOR SAFETY ORGANIC COATINGS FOR STEEL ENCLOSURES FOR OUTDOOR USE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. Erie / EPC manufactures these products meeting this standard at our UL audited facility in Pennsylvania.